Sunday, September 21, 2008


**please read listing thoroughly and ensure that you can meet all deadlines prior to contacting the moderator!**


ROUND RUNS: Mar. 9 - Apr. 20, 2009
Squares can be mailed any time during the round start but should be mailed by: Apr. 20th

**If your squares are not mailed on time you must contact the Round Moderator and your partner and give a date that you will mail your squares - this will be noted on the participants list. If communication of your lack of sending is not accomplished in a timely manner your membership shall be deleted.

++ALL squares should be mailed and received by the 8th week mark (which is: May 4 , 2009) - if squares remain unsent at this point your membership will be automatically deleted.

ROUND THEME: This is a "regular round" there are no theme requirements other than those posted under your assigned partner's LIKES/DISLIKES found in the Membership Profiles.


TO SIGN UP: for this round of Fair and Square, please contact the Round Moderator listed above with your first name and last initial - IF you are a member of this exchange.

WHEN YOU MAIL YOUR SQUARES add your name and the date to the list HERE

WHEN YOU RECEIVE YOUR SQUARES add your name and date to the list HERE

~~~Participant's List~~~~

Lynda A. / Jane F.
Darla L. / April K.
Dani B. / Renee K.
KimVDR / Daniela T.
Kathy A. / Nicky R.
Jen R. / Marie P.
Veronique D. / Jeanie C.
Heidi B. / Marg F.
Pokua A. / Sharon V.
Maren S. / Jill F.
Chris B. / Carolyn L.
Jennifer F. / Susan P.
Maureen Q. / Anna VS

26. Jill F. sent/received
25. KimVDR *NEW* sent/received
11. Heidi B. sent/received
17. Lynda A. sent/received
9. Daniela T. sent/received
7. Maren S. *new* sent/received
5. April K. sent/received
21. Susan P. sent/received
3. Jen R. sent/received
15. Anna VS sent/received
18. Darla L. sent/received
20. Carolyn L. sent/received
14. Jennifer F. sent/received
1. Marg F. sent/received
23. Jane F. sent/received
12. Maureen Q. sent/received
22. Jeanie C. sent/received
10. Renee K. sent/received
13. Marie P. sent/received
6. Sharon V. sent/received
16. Pokua A. sent/received
8. Veronique D. (Vero) sent/received
4. Nicky R. sent/received
24. Chris B. sent/received
2. Dani B. sent/received
19. Kathy A. sent/received